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Since 1987, R&K Roofing has been providing superior quality roofing services to commercial and residential properties at the most competitive rates. We take pride in our team of skilled and experienced roofers in St. Augustine. They ensure that you get the best roofing services, every time without compromising the structure of your home

From maintenance to replacement, we have it all covered with our outstanding roofing services in St. Augustine and its surroundings. We excel at everything whether they are minor repairs on the property or major replacement, installation, or maintenance in new construction.

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Veteran St Augustine Roofers

Areas like St. Augustine Beach or St. Augustine shores are fortunate not to have to experience all four seasons. Nonetheless, some of those seasons can be brutal and have a damaging impact on your roof. The Florida sun is intense and heat combined with other factors can prematurely deteriorate your roof.   Proper venting can greatly increase your roofs lifespan and our teams can calculate your roofs needs to verify that it is properly ventilated.  In addition, coastal winds can tear roofing materials completely off.  So whether its scorching sunlight, heavy rain or hail, or strong winds it is a good idea to get your roof checked yearly for damage as you don’t want to be in the dark when it comes to the condition or integrity of your roof.

Our roof teams are trained to look for major and minor damages. That’s why it’s significantly important to seek help from professional roofers in areas.

That means whether you approach our expert roofers for maintenance, replacement, or some minor tasks for your roof, you can rely on R&K’s St. Augustine Roofers.

Full Range of Residential and Commercial Roofing St Augustine FL

R&K Roofing offers a complete range of residential and commercial roofing services in St. Augustine. We are committed to providing high-quality roofing services with total customer satisfaction. Hiring dependable roofers like us means you can certainly get rid of your roofing issues and have confidence that your roofing company will be here to service any need your roof should have, including warranty issues.

Trust R&K Roofing to have the right expertise in not only fixing the minor and major roofing issues but also restoring the integrity of your homes water tightness.

At R&K Roofing our services include the following:

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Reliable Roofing Companies St. Augustine, FL for Inspection and Repair Services

You may think that your roof is in prim and proper condition, but actually, it may not be. Due to changes in weather conditions, storm debris, and sometimes material defects, your roof may experience leaks, damage, or cracks. These issues can transform into serious roofing problems if left unattended.

Thanks to expert and dependable roofers like R&K Roofing who provide the best roofing services in St. Augustine Beach and St. Augustine Shores. We value your business and ensure to provide you with easy-to-implement and budget-friendly options to help you fix your roof leaks in no time.

With years of experience in the roofing industry, R&K Roofing has become one of the most sought-after roofing companies in St. Augustine, FL. Our dedicated team of roofers is experienced and has dealt with a wide variety of roofing repairs and replacement projects in Vilano Beach, Butler Beach, and all over St. Johns County.

When you need a roofer, contact the best!

One-Stop Solutions to Different Roofing Issues

Best Roofing Companies in St. Augustine FL

Over years, R&K Roofing has gained immense popularity for providing one-stop solutions to different roofing issues. People in St. Augustine can count on the knowledge and skills of our competent roofing specialists to get long-term solutions for roof repairs, leak repairs, and maintenance.

Our team takes our work seriously regardless of how extensive or small it is. Customer satisfaction is what matters the most for us which is why R&K Roofing is the first choice for homeowners when they come across any roofing issue in their existing residential property or for their new construction.

When needing repair services, our trained professionals help homeowners address a variety of minor problems cost-effectively and make sure that their roof stays in perfect condition to stand the test of time. As one of the best roofing companies in St. Augustine, FL, we understand that when you contact us for any minor or major roofing issue, you place your trust in us.

Schedule our FREE roof inspection to determine the underlying issues on your roof. We even have 100% financing available with same-day approval, so you can rest easy and get the roof installation that you need.

Professional Roofing St Augustine FL for Maintenance & Replacement

The more extensive the roof damage on the roof, the more potential and costly the repairs will be. After a storm, if you suspect damage, contact our team to assess your roof and create a plan to repair or replace it as necessary. We can even help with insurance claims.

Maintaining your roof with a regular or periodic maintenance service is a great idea to improve the strength and life of your roof. Whether you live in Butler Beach or St. Augustine Shores, your roof experiences a lot of scorching heat, rain, and snowfall. It withstands hail and prevents water from penetrating your home.

Every day your roof has challenges to face such as changing weather, raging winds, and fluctuating temperatures. All these elements work together to weather you roof. If you don’t opt for professional roofing in St. Augustine FL for repair, maintenance, and replacement in time, it may lead to severe damages such as roof leaks or further damage to your home.

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What are some risks for not repairing your roof?  Ignoring or delaying repairs means that your leaking roof will further damage the interior of your home and can also lead to mold growth or cater to pests. Left unrepaired long enough can even lead to structural damage.  That is why you must consider hiring reputable roof maintenance and repair professionals to tackle all issues timely and reduce further damage.

At R&K, our team thoroughly checks your roof and fixes any issues it might have so that it will continue to function optimally. Contact us today for all of your roof needs. Our expert roofing St. Augustine FL team will ensure that your roof, gutters, and siding continue to provide you with superior protection throughout the year, relieving stress and worry.

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Reliable Local Roofing Contractors St. Augustine FL

R&K Roofing is one of the most dependable local roofing contractors in St. Augustine. FL and have been offering roofing services for more than three decades. Our experts specialize in roof repair and replacement. They can provide you with expert advice regarding your roofing replacement.

Roofing replacement is a costly affair, and you need to consider your roof replacement company wisely especially if you don’t want to throw the money down the drain. We often see fly-by-night roofing companies enter our area after a major storm.  They know that unsuspecting homeowners need repairs or roof replacement fast and often under-cut local roofing companies because they don’t have roots in the community and overhead costs.  Rest assured, when a problem arises from their installation or materials, they are no where to be found.   R&K Roofing has roots right here in Bunnell, FL and have been doing business here for over 35 years.  So you can trust that we will be her for any warranty or repair needs.

Our roofers in St. Augustine FL carefully examine and evaluate every aspect of your roof before suggesting replacement. If they find that your existing roof no longer provides you safe shelter or is deteriorated from age, hail or extensive damage we can replace it quickly with a quality material meeting the highest industry standards, all with a full warranty. We also adhere to the highest quality and safety standards while working on your roofing project, ensuring exceptional results.

Choosing the right roof:

Our team of professional roofing contractors will also help you choose the right roofing system that meets your needs and budget. From color to shingle type, there are a lot of choices affecting the aesthetics of your home and budget. Will can even bring sample boards to help you choose.

Roof Repairs or Replacement in St. Augustine, FL

As Professional Roofing contractors in St. Augustine, FL, we take full responsibility for your roof repairs or replacement and ensure that you get quick and efficient solutions for your roof-related issues.

Call us now to explore how our roofing contractors can help you!

Choosing R&K roofing means you have hired a contractor that is:

Impeccable Workmanship

St Augustine Roofing Contractors with Trustworthy Roofing & Siding Solutions

Whether you hire us for a small repair job or a full roof replacement project, we perform your gutter and roofing job with great care. From selecting the materials, and installing roofs, to repairing and replacing them, we excel at everything. We’re proud of our impeccable workmanship and know that you will be too.

At R&K Roofing, we can use high-tech water leak-finding equipment to locate your leaks and then provide the most up-to-date roof repair and maintenance techniques to fix your roof issues. Our roofers determine the problems first to find what works best for your roof and gutter systems.

As trusted St. Augustine roofing contractors, we work with a holistic and comprehensive approach to complete all roofing and gutter tasks. Our roofing specialists are qualified to diagnose any issues with your roof and provide you with exceptional results in the long run.

We have a dedicated team that is committed to providing high-quality services to keep your roof functioning effectively and remain performing for years. Choosing our services will guarantee that you’ll get excellent workmanship, a dependable roofing specialist, and fast friendly service.  That is why homeowners consider R&K Roofing one of the best St. Augustine roofing contractors when it comes to hiring roofers to bring them peace of mind.

Reputed | Experienced

Experienced St Augustine Roofing Contractor

R&K Roofing is the most trusted and dependable solution for not only roof issues but also gutter systems. We are experts in dealing with a variety of sizes and shapes of gutters in St. Augustine.

Our experienced St. Augustine roofing contractor is highly trained in assessing, diagnosing, and addressing issues related to gutters and roofs. Our experts know that even a small roof or gutter repair issue can take a toll on your home.  Most homeowners or residents don’t understand the importance of their gutters until they cause their houses damage or erode their landscaping. Large amounts of rainwater like we experience here in Florida can create havoc for your home.  Improperly sized gutters can overflow or cause water to even back up under your shingles.   

As a St. Augustine roofing contractor, we have the reputation as the best roofers in the town. As a trustworthy roofing service, we understand how crucial it is to solve the problems that your home goes through. When you contact us, our roof inspection team member will visit your home to run a thorough examination of the roof and gutters. We then provide you with a detailed estimate of any repairs needed and can provide you with a variety of solutions. 

Once you settle on a roof system, we schedule a time to complete the work, pull appropriate permits from the City, show up on time and complete your roof job quickly and professionally.   You can count on us as we have skills in handling a wide range of residential roofing repairs, replacement, inspection, and can even help you with an insurance claim. Always licensed and insured, you can trust in R&K Roofing where other roofing contractors in St. Augustine fall short.

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reliable St. Augustine roofer and gutter specialist

As a reliable St. Augustine roofer and gutter specialist, R&K Roofing helps you prevent erosion, preserve your grass and landscaping and prevent water backups from occurring by providing gutter solutions tailor-made for your home’s needs. We also provide roofing services in Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach.

Regardless of the size of property you have, we make sure that you get the professional service that benefits your home best in the long run. We provide the following roofing services in St. Augustine:

R&K Roofing is your go-to St. Augustine roofing contractor when it comes to roof replacement installation.  Your new roof will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and last you a long time.  Contact R&K Roofing for an estimate today.

Preferred Roofing Company

Skilled Roof Repair St Augustine, FL Service

R&K roofing excels at offering roof repair in St. Augustine, FL, and has become the preferred roofer in the region. We provide long-standing repairs and replacement services in areas including St. Augustine Beach, St. Augustine Shores, Vilano Beach, Butler Beach, and St John’s County.

We are pros in dealing with all types of minor and major roof issues on residential and commercial properties. For a long time, over 35 years, we have been assisting our clients with fast friendly service from our highly skilled and trained roofing experts.  As a reliable roof repair St. Augustine, FL specialist, we aim at offering right and timely solutions for your damaged roofs.

Call us today at 386-446-3100 to learn more about our services in St.Augustine and surrounding areas!

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