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R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc is one of the leading Roofing Contractors in East Central Florida. For more than 30 years, we have been setting the standard in quality commercial, industrial and residential roofing solutions. Our roofers are highly professional, certified and knowledgeable in the best roofing practices and current roofing standards. With R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc you can rest assured you will have the most durable roofing system.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

At R&K Roofing, we offer every type of roofing service you might need to keep your roof looking its best. From new roof installation to roof repair services, our professional roofing services are tailored to the needs of your home or business. We can help you select the perfect roof by choosing among the highest quality roofing options. Whether you opt for tile roofing, roof shingles, or metal roofing services, we can provide you with the best roofing solutions.

Trust in 3 Generations of Roofers

Our family owned and operated company has over 3 generations of the best roofers working diligently to get your roof into top condition. We will assist you throughout the process so you can select just the right roofing solutions for your needs. From choosing the best pattern and design to installing your new roof or making timely roof repairs, we offer our expert assistance for all of your roofing needs.

Our friendly and helpful associates are ready to answer your questions. Give us a call for more information and to schedule you for the best roofing & gutter services around. Call us at 386-446-3100!

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