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R&K Roofing is your one-stop solution for all the roof-related issues including roof maintenance, roof replacement, and leak repairs. Commitment, dedication, and quality are the attributes that define our services in the town. We are known as premier roofers in extended areas of Holly Hill and Volusia County. We offer homeowners dependable and high-quality roofing services to help them estimate their roof needs and increase its lifespan.

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At R&K Roofing, we value the customers’ preference, and long-term performance when choosing the right Ormond Beach roofing system. We make sure to educate the homeowner with regard to selecting the type of roof that not only provides protection but also remains durable in the long run. We are local roofers with extensive experience in the field, 30+ years as a matter of fact. People in Volusia County trust us for our specialties and professionalism in the art of roofing your home or business. Our team of professional tradesmen ensures the highest in integrity, long-term performance, and great value of the roof you choose to install.

For 30+ years, we have been serving communities throughout Ormond Beach. As a local family-operated business, we understand the problems owners of residential and commercial properties go through.  We encourage property owners to contact our professionals even if they notice small leaks or cracks in the roof for an inspection that may prevent substantial damage down the road.

As one of the best roofing companies in Ormond Beach, our roofers aim to assist homeowners and businesses in procuring reliable roof services in Florida to resolve all roofing-related issues. R&K Roofing offers roof inspections, free estimates and even 100 percent financing options for homeowners in Volusia County. Have your roof inspected with our expert roofers today and prevent water damage to your home!

Coastal living means a higher frequency of wind, rain and hail, requiring you the need to have your roof inspected more often.

Our qualified Ormond Beach FL roofers have an in-depth understanding of the various roof systems installed on Holly Hill homes.  Choosing to replace your roof with our Ormond Beach FL roofers is a sound way to ensure you are getting the best value, best materials, and best installers in the business.

Did you know that clay tile roofing can last decades more than fiberglass asphalt shingle roofs?   Clay tile is energy efficient and is more durable and versatile, saving you money down the road.   Weight can be a factor so contact our team to discuss if this is an option for your home or business.

Fiberglass asphalt shingle roofs are a great option.  They are considered energy efficient, and often recyclable as they can help to reflect solar heat (depending on color). That means, installing these kinds of roofs will can help you reduce cooling costs.

These qualities, when coupled with the right installation services like R&K Roofing, make roofs more energy efficient and increase the market value of a house.

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Invest in New Roof with the Best Roofing Ormond Beach FL Experts

Replacing a roof is not something usually on the list of many homeowners when they decide to purchase a house. Most people prefer to invest in improving the curb appeal of the house which includes landscaping and walls, but not the roof. Although expensive compared to other improvements, re-roofing can be a great way to increase the market value of the house, especially if the age of the roof is over 10 years old. A roof replacement can enhance the overall appearance and give more value to your home. As an expert Ormond Beach FL roofing contractor, we are skilled in replacing roofs that bring you more value and increase the integrity of your home renovation.

A new roof can add a great value to any house’s resale amount. By investing in a new roof installation, you can expect to recover approximately 62.9 percent of the money that you have spent on the roof installation. Often, an inspection will reveal storm damage affording you the opportunity for your insurance to replace your roof. Most property owners prefer roofing systems with lower upfront costs but energy efficient roofs and upgrades to longer lasting materials can spread your investment our over time making a roofing upgrade one of the best investments.

Investing in a new roof with the help of professional roofers like us is a tremendously benefit with regard to selling our dressing up your new home.  Also, homes that have replaced roofs have more appeal to possible buyers as they are inclined towards houses that have new roofs. Therefore, roof replacements are included in the list of top exterior improvements that make homes sell faster.  Contact or team today for a free estimate.

As a professional roofing Ormond Beach FL service, we can also guide you to make the most profitable roofing upgrades.

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Licensed Roofing Contractors Ormond Beach

Your roof is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of your home’s exterior. At R&K Roofing, we understand this and make sure to stand by your side as your professional and licensed roofing contractors in Ormond Beach. We offer a full range of roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement tasks for existing and new construction. Our team of expert roofers excel at offering comprehensive care to our customers whether they’re looking for minor repairs or a complete roof replacement.

Since we entered the industry in 1987, our professional contractors have received an A+ rating for their award-winning services. From our beginning, the goal of our company has been to provide our customers expertly crafted, professional service. We work with highly trained and competent roofers who will skillfully handle new installations, roof replacements, and storm or hail damage repairs.

One quality that makes us stand out is our involvement with the local community and understanding of the existing homes in Ormond Beach.  We also love being local and host events in our town and assist in volunteer efforts.

Quality Craftsmanship and Longstanding Time in Business

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We take pride in our quality and trusted services that have made us one of the sought-after roofing contractors in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast. Hiring licensed professionals like us enables you to deal with multiple roofing issues. Our roofers are professionals in evaluating minor and major damages to the roof after a weather event. We know that a damaged roof is dangerous for the health of a house and the people living under it.

As licensed roofing professionals, we hire only skilled roofers with the knowledge required to fix a variety of roof types. Whether your roof has leaks, wind damage, missing shingles, or a hole in it, we have you covered with the right solutions.

All roofers at R&K Roofing have professional expertise and sound experience in their relevant field. It is our three decades of experience and skills that allow us to recommend the best roofing solution and perform repairs efficiently. 

Among all the renowned Ormond Beach roofing contractors, R&K Roofing has earned a reputation for its quality craftsmanship and longstanding time in business. We are known for making durable repairs and providing trusted assistance for insurance claims to commercial and residential property owners.

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Price has never dictated the quality of work we provide.

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We are the one roofing service that you need to get the PERFECT repairs and replacement while saving a considerable amount of money. At R&K Roofing, our primary focus of our experts is to provide you with the best experience ever regarding replacing or repairing your roof.  This is a commitment we offer regardless of the size of the project we are doing.

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A damaged roof can further damage your home

Holes in your roof needs immediate repairs to ensure the safety and integrity of your home. R&K Roofing company in Volusia County has professionals ready to handle small or big roof repairs and maintenance tasks. Our Ormond Beach FL roofing contractors specialize in maintaining the integrity of residential and commercial roofing systems. Many residential builders, businesses, and the finest individuals entrust us with our quality services for one simple reason, we provide top-quality roofing services with the professionalism that they expect.

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It takes years of hard work, love, and attention to maintain its structural integrity. When it comes to making roof repairs, we are a company that cares for your home as you do. 

Get in touch with R&K Roofing, the best Ormond Beach FL roof repair contractor to solve roof-related issues once and for all. 

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Connect with the best roofing specialists in the Palm Coast area to inspect your roof, diagnose any issues, and fix them right away. Get a free estimate by calling our experts.

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Benefit from our experienced technicians who work hard to provide you with the best Ormond Beach roof repair services. Whether you hire us for roof installation or roof repairs, our roofing specialists work hard to adhere to industry installation standards and strict safety standards.

At R&K Roofing, we are proud to say that we are full-service roofers in Florida with three decades of experience and tons of satisfied clients. With an A+ rating and multiple accreditations, you know that you have hired a reliable and reputable company. Check out our R&K Roofing BBB Page to learn more!

Our roofers are the finest professionals with the right set of skills to transform the appearance, aesthetics, and functionality of your roof. Contact R&K Roofing Today!

Acquire professional Ormond Beach roof repair services for routine roof issues and have the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our list of roof repairs and maintenance services includes;

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