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When it comes to your tile roof, R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc takes pride in the service we provide to you.  Whether you have a residential or commercial roof, we have the experience & knowledge to provide you with a noteworthy tile roof.

R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc is your trusted source for creating beautiful tile roofing systems with a classic look and modern design.  Tile roofing gives you maximum versatility while providing your roof with a clean and seamless finish.  Our tile roof experts provide you with trusted tile roofing solutions you need so you can enjoy a strong and durable roof.  When you select tile roofing, you are guaranteed to discover a wide range of design possibilities.

Choose from a range of design options

At R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc, we are devoted to providing you with complete satisfaction.  Tile roofing comes with an assortment of colors, styles & patterns for your to choose from.  With the assistance of our professional & well-trained estimators & technicians, you can be on your way to having the roof of your choice.

In addition to concrete tile, clay tile, and ceramic tile we also offer a new twist on tile roofs; that is the Composite Tile.  This type of roofing is ideal for sloped roofs and is a strong, durable roofing option with great aesthetic appeal.

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