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The Right Shingle for You!

Shingle roofs are a cost-effective and reliable roofing system, with many benefits. They are easy to install and replace, with a large selection of manufactures, materials, and warranties.
Choosing a shingle for your home is a very important and personal experience, best done with the help of a professional. We have the knowledge and experience you need to feel fully satisfied with your roof.

sure fix for your damaged shingles

* Don’t let a damaged, old shingles cause more damage to your home or property, take action!
* A damaged or leaking shingles can cause water damage that may cost you thousands of dollars in repair.
* Because of lack or absence of routine inspections and maintenance you may be surprised of a leaking roof in your home. This is why it is important to have routine roof inspections and maintenance to check for your roof.
* For leaking or damaged roofs, R & K Certified Roofing Of FL, Inc can certainly repair it. We cater for both residential and commercial clients. Whether it’s old shingles or bad flashing among other causes, we can take care of it. Roofs that have been ravaged by rain, hail, or high winds can be restored as well.
* R & K Certified Roofing Of FL, Inc has been verified Palm Coast Contractor. R & K Certified Roofing Of FL, Inc, is a state certified Roofing Contractor with with over 20 years of service in the construction industry! We guarantee that you only get a durable roof. We are proudly serving Flagler, St. Johns, Volusia, Southern Duval counties, and the surrounding areas.

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